Solidarity with people of Ukraine!


As a part of the Agreement Consulting CSR policy, we believe in dignity, integrity and human rights and therefore, as a company, we stand together with the people of Ukraine, who are currently facing the tragedy of the immoral war.

Being the team of different nationalities and cultures we would like to express our strong sympathy and admiration to every man and woman in Ukraine who is currently acting with courage to protect their own homes, families and country against the devastating Russian military invasion.

We strongly condemn the act of invasion, aggression and acts of military activities which already caused thousands of lives of civilians and lives of those who are bravely staying shoulder to shoulder to protect the Ukrainian land. Nothing can justify the war.

Therefore, to make an action in support of people of Ukraine, recently we have joined the country fundraising campaign SAMMEN FOR UKRAINE and donated 10.000 Dk-kr to support Ukrainians whose lives are being torn apart by crisis.

As a company we believe that humanitarian aid is one of the most important ways that can help people to meet urgent relief and protection and call each and every member of the Danish society to join us in our initiative.

We stay in solidarity with people of Ukraine!